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Communication Products

The Preferred Phone System Installer

For reliable telephone systems, contact ATI Arizona Telephone Installers in Mesa, AZ. We also install voice mail and multi-cell wireless system phones. Turn to us and rest assured knowing that we will provide you only with the top quality communication products. We are a registered dealer of Panasonic phone systems.

ATI Arizona Telephone Installers ATI Arizona Telephone Installers

Business and Residential Telephone Systems

To view all of the Panasonic phones we currently offer click here.

KX-TDA Hybrid IP-PBX Phone Systems:


Hybrid IP-PBX - max. 40 Ports
Phones: up to 24/48 with DXDP

For technical specs, click here.


Hybrid IP-PBX - 1024 Ports
Up to 640 phones

For technical specs, click here.


For technical specs, click here.

New Hybrid IP-PBX Phone Systems:

ATI Arizona Telephone Installers
  • KX-TDE 100/200
  • KX-NT366
  • KX-NT346
  • KX-NT343
  • KX-NT136

Digital Hybrid IP-PBX Phones:


For technical specs, click here.


For technical specs, click here.

Voice Mail Systems:


Voice processing System, up to 6 ports, up to 8 hours voice storage

For technical specs, click here.


Voice processing System, up to 24 ports, up to 1000 hours voice storage

For technical specs, click here.

Multi-Cell Wireless System Phones:

ATI Arizona Telephone Installers

KX-TCA185                         KX-TCA385

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Do you have additional questions about the phone system products we sell and install? Contact ATI Arizona Telephone Installers at (480) 924-5551. We look forward to helping you improve the communication lines in your office or home.

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